Oud Rain Oud Rain Oud Rain Oud Rain Oud Rain Oud Rain Oud Rain

Oud Rain
50 ml ..... eau de parfum

EUR 85.00

Head: Tangerine, Mango, Pineapple, Plum, Papaya, Cypress

Body: Oud, Sandalwood, Nutmeg , Saffron

Fondo: Oud, Cedarwood, cistus, Animal achords

A rain of tropical joy wrapped in oud! An optimistic and conquering perfume. It is the fragrance of great opportunities.

A delicious departure of tropical fruits featuring mango and tangerines give a fantastic start to positivism and euphoria, which combine with curiosity and desire to know much more than what is perceptible so far. Longing to get close; and it is because the cypress next to the resinous part of the mango shell transmit a magical, green, elegant, bitter and captivating touch. Making the piece a very niche work of art. Completely out of the standard of the wide range of current perfumes dominated by Hagar wood. A moderate combination of sandalwood, Nutmeg together with a very natural oud create a dance of exoticism and glamor defined towards the body of the fragrance, with sparkling touches of saffron. A perfect tropical dinner in the light of the moon in a deep forest with woody aromas, fruits and a rose as a gift. In the base notes is where more the perfume shows its humidity, although its rain effect, this time based on different animal chords, highlighting the gray amber, never stops being present.

It is certainly a special rain, this time dressed in luxury. Oud rain is the perfect combination of optimism and conquest.

Perfumer:  Daniel Josier / cooperation with Renier Rodríguez

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