Black Rain Black Rain Black Rain Black Rain Black Rain Black Rain Black Rain

Black Rain
50 ml ..... eau de parfum

EUR 85.00

This Fragrance convey my emotions from the painting also titled Black Rain. … this is a deep perfume, mystery, exquisite. A rain of inspiration for creative people..

HEAD:  Rose, Chamomille.

BODY:  Violet, Jazmíne, Leather.

BASE: Pachouli, Musk, orange blossom, Ambergris.

Black Rain is a fragrance that's dark, brooding and unusual, it is work of art that you either love it or hate it, with no in between, it is a fragrance that once you wear, you will never forget it. You get a blooming bouquet of seductive roses, an herbal, honeyed chamomile. a scorched, aromatic leather, bathed in a watery, somber amber, a dirty, soiled patchouli, a dewy, green violet, and a fresh, delicate orange blossom. This is a mysterious, dramatic and daring fragrance, that is very sensuous, seductive, with animalic and musky nuances, done to absolute perfection.

Black Rain Painting

Perfumer: Daniel Josier

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