Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain

Crystal rain
50 ml ..... eau de parfum

EUR 85.00

This Fragrance convey my emotions from the painting also titled Crystal Rain. ... this is a bright and fresh perfume. A rain of energy for people with a desire to live their own life.

HEAD: Orange blossom, Apple, Bergamot, Thyme
BODY: Cypress, Cedar, Jazmine
BASE: Amber, Leather, Ambergris 

Crystal rain is a fragrance that is luminously fresh, clean, full of life and energy, very elegant, with character and personifies beauty, it is simply gorgeous. and was inspired by a magnificent, heartfelt creation of an oil painting, It has tender touches of crisp, sweet green apples, a ripe, juicy bergamot, an herbal, green thyme, gently touched with fresh, creamy, jasmine flowers, a warm, woody cedar, a dark, supple leather, and a sparkling, gentle ambergris. Crystal Rain is a magical and captivating perfume, that is very uplifting, airy, soft and delicate, and personifies, elegance, class and sophistication.

Crystal Rain Painting

Perfumer: Daniel Josier

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