Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain Crystal rain

Crystal rain
50 ml ..... eau de parfum

EUR 85.00

Shipment to your country from: 15.00 EUR

This Fragrance convey my emotions from the painting also titled Crystal Rain. ... this is a bright and fresh perfume. A rain of energy for people with a desire to live their own life.

HEAD: Orange blossom, Apple, Bergamot, Thyme
BODY: Cypress, Cedar, Jazmine
BASE: Amber, Leather, Ambergris 

Crystal Rain is a luminously fresh fragrance, full of life and energy, crystalline and clean, elegant and with character. It’s delicious, authentic and sweet in its fair measure.  This marvel has been able to inspire the creation of an oil painting entitled with the same name and concept. This is a fragrance full of energy that renews the desire to live.  At the head is where the green apple is mixed with bergamot and thyme while touched by small sparkles of white flowers. This gives it a perfect balance between light and youth.

The woods of cypress and cedar clarified and sweetened by the sensuality of jasmine offer a very beautiful personality. The touch of ambar gives us a generous longevity. It’s a magical perfume.

The background of the perfume is an art work in itself because the ambergris is its main protagonist taking care that the leather and amber chords are subtly balanced.  Art and elegance in the right measure to consolidate the personality of positive people.

Crystal Rain Painting

Perfumer: Daniel Josier

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