Kisses Rain Kisses Rain Kisses Rain Kisses Rain Kisses Rain Kisses Rain Kisses Rain

Kisses Rain
50 ml ..... eau de parfum

EUR 85.00

This Fragrance convey my emotions from the painting also titled Kisses Rain! A rain of kisses in secret.

HEAD: Bergamot, Oud, Cardamom, Rose.

BODY: Oud, Almond, atlas cedar wood, coffee, Eliotrope

BASE: Amber, Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla, Balsam of tolu from cuba

Kisses Rain is a sensual and modern fragance, with a floral character, it is a sophisticated and spicy, strong, but in its right measure, without lose its charm of conquest. The cardamom and rose gives a luxurious appearance to the perfume, while the chords of Oud combine very smoothly with the Heliotrope and almond giving as a result a creamy, poetic and floral melody very artistic.

It is a shower of kisses for a modern love, for people with less conventional tastes and for that who can appreciate details. Coffee brings you seriousness and at the same time longing, memories of a far away love, unforgettable or perhaps unreachable. The cedar wood of the Atlas combined with oud wood and tones of flowers are responsible for leaving a subtle, tender, intoxicating imprint that make the flowers and all the sensuality of the perfume do not fall into the repeatability of the floral fragrances.

Towards the bottoms you can even become a more interesting perfume thanks to patchouli, Musk and La Vanilla, the latter in its fair measure bringing a tender sweetness to the entire composition itself. Kisses Rain has a very good longevity that gets to create some addiction thanks to the naturalness of its components and also highlighting the potentiality that the toluo brings. An exhilarating perfume that recalls the most secret loves, and the best kept kisses.

Kisses Rain Cuadro

Perfumer:  Daniel Josier / cooperation with Renier Rodríguez

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