There are people who see colors when they smell fresh rain or a flower. There are people who feel the sun and the aroma of flowers, when they see a work of art. A painting. I join the two pleasures.

I am a plastic artist, lover of realistic painting, surreal and romantic. From my childhood I spend hours in my atelier to create images that come from our world so visual and full of colors.

Some years ago I discovered the existence of another world - the wonderful universe of fragrances - I began to create my own scents and develop the emotions that these transmit until the ideas took their level and brought these two worlds together.

Thus were born my first plastic works that inspired perfumes or perfumes that motivated to paint a canvas.

It is about transmitting through the feelings that we are able perceive when we smell all possible emotions related to the picture in common.

Darkness, Inspiration, Mystery, Caution, Suspense, Nostalgia, Nudity, Strength, Love Renaissance, Overcoming are simply an example of the emotions that atomize my pictures - perfumes.

Each of my perfumes is inspired by a painting.

Each stroke has its own scent! 

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