Artist since childhood. Renier is the third generation of a family of plastic artists from the largest island in the Caribbean. From an early age, he played with a clay ball that his father put into his hands in order to work. In this way he recreated the forms that his first teacher left him as an exercise, sometimes he played and in others he ended up full of mud.

In the years of his youth he was always a passionate laborer of many of the plastic manifestations that surrounded him, painting, design, ceramics ... Very soon began to be interesting in to the origin of certain odors of the materials with which he worked. The solvents of the pigments to the oil, the aroma that gave off the leather when it was pyrogravure, the smell of the slip and many other olfactory experiences.

But it was precisely the artistic sculpture in wood that most captivated him and motivated his intentions related to the fragrances; The bitterness of Guayacan, the sweetness of the cedar or the precious aroma of the Sabina gave him the definitive inspiration to feel trapped by the magic of perfumes and the desire to experiment.

Thus were born the first experiments with direct materials of nature, mixed with alcohols or water.

He liked to classify the typical smells that surround in his natal cuba, especially those that are in his trips to the house of his grandparents, the smell of Galán de Noche (Jazmin at night), Pomarosa(Syzygium jambos), the fruit of the guava, flowers, Among many others. He closed his eyes and to perpetuate them in his memory he related them with colors.

It became very complicated to acquire perfumes in Cuba. The more memories that the artist keeps in his memory of those days perfumes like the Red Moscow, a classic, and one of the best fragrances that can be found in Cuba in the late 90's.

After successfully completing his artistic career and once established in Europe, it was when Renier was able to learn about great classics of modern perfumery.

Suddenly he has two passions, two loves, two very different worlds but with many things in common, somehow with which to unify them. His first idea was to make a perfume for exhibition but it was little, he did not feel full professionally!

In those years of inner search, it was when he met the master Perfumer Daniel Josier! Who started using the beautiful paths of perfumery! In this way he matured his idea and decided to create his brand of perfumes and create each perfume inspired by one of his paintings. Even build both simultaneously. Renier's first fragrances are the result of his brushstrokes and cooperation with Daniel Josier himself.

It is a blessing to have a double creative motivation. Renier not only enjoys his paintings, but also his designs for his perfumes. The whole image of his products, from his bottle to his box, even his style of offering passes through the hands of Renier.

For him every stroke of paintbrush has its own scent.

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